There are altogether 45 clubs and committees functioning in the college for the benefit of the student community. The students are given the opportunity to choose the activities of their interest and the clubs are monitored and coordinated by the faculty of the college. These club activities tap all the creativity and talents innate in the students, enabling personal and social development for a better society.

Convener : Ms.Shini. M
Chairperson : Ms. Anjali. G. S

Film, Photogrphy and Media Club
Convener :
Dr. Deepesh Karimpunkara

Members :
VR Sudheesh
Sangeetha G. Nair
Hredya P.
Dhanya Krishna

Centre for Hygiene of Girl Students
Chairperson : Ms. Akhila. M.K
Convener : Ms. Dhanyakrishna

Floklore Club
Chairman : Dr. Deepesh Karimpunkara
Convener : Ms. Hredya.P

UGC Entry Leval in Service
Chairman : Dr. Abhilash. E. S
Convener : Mr.Joobi

Youth Green Community
Chairperson : Ms. Bindu M. K
Convener : Dr. Deepesh Karimpunkara

Alumni Association
Chairman : Mr. Madhu. K
Convener : Ms. Vinarsha.T. M

Nature Club and Forestry Club
Chairperson : Ms. Lasitha. K. R

Members :
Ms. Jaseena. T. P

Anti- Narcotics Club
Vice-Chairperson : Ms. M. K. Bindu
Convener : Ms. Jaseena T. P

Tourism Club
Chairperson : Ms. Akhila. M.K
Convener : Ms. Athma Jayaprakash

Science Club
Chairperson : Ms. P. K. Sheela
Convener : Ms. Subina

Literary Club
Chairman : Mr. V. R. Sudeesh
Convener : Ms. Vandana Viswanath